Proud Fiancé

It’s easy to step on the scale and see disgust in your numbers. But at the end of the day, success is not always about what the scale says.

January has been a month of ups and downs for Katie and I when it comes to this wedding challenge. The beginning of the month is hard with so much time off of work. But we’ve finally built our routine again and we’ve been pretty good throughout the week. Weekends are tough due to the social factor, but that is something that takes time to work on. With a little self reflection and self control, we’ll get better. But I didn’t log on today to talk about our eating.

I’m the type of guy who gets excited about lifting weights and when people hit big lifts. I help run the summer weight room program for the high school football team I coach at, so any and every PR (personal record) attempt gets me energized. I’m not any different when Katie and I lift weights together.

Katie is a little different than the football guys I coach. Instead of looking to get a big 1,2 or 3 rep max, she’s trying to build some muscle and lose some fat, and is lifting in the 8-10 range on most of her lifts. Some of ya’ll may be asking, where is there any excitement in that?

Well, Katie has lifted for many years now and knows how to do most lifts. She just hasn’t had the person to push her. It’s natural for me to challenge athletes to get better, and once she stepped into the weight room with me, she’s finally found that person to push her, and challenge her to try new things.

Some call it newbie gains, but I don’t care. I truly see her work paying off. She’s trying out new lifts (deadlifts) and took the time to learn correct form (props to her) and now she’s upping the weight on her sets. And she’s upping her weight on all her lifts! In the past, she’d just keep the same weight every week, which isn’t terrible (physical exercise of any kind is better than none), but now she’s just pushing herself and she looks forward to the challenge each week. It’s fun to watch her lift and she motivates me to challenge myself in the gym as well (and that includes the newly added cardio every day).
It’s a slow process seeing the results, but I am really excited for her over this journey. It’s not easy, but once she starts seeing results in the mirror, I think she’ll become addicted to the daily grind of going to the gym and tossing around some heavier weights! All this being said, I’m a proud fiancé and I have enjoyed every minute of embarking on this challenge with her.   


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