Our Wedding Challenge Begins…

In order for there to be a wedding fitness challenge, there first needs to be an engagement. Here’s a short but sweet version.

We started the day with a morning hike before starting our holiday weekend activities were set to begin. I (Josh) took Katie on a hike up in beautiful Golden, Colorado (yes, where Coors is brewed). She has a list a of parks she’d like to visit, so I thought I’d surprise her by taking her to one of them (South Table Mountain to be exact). We took the dog and zigged and zagged our way up the mountain before we made it to the top. The top of the mountain, or mesa, overlooks the city and has a delightful view of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Katie and I took our fair share of pictures while at the top and shared a few moments observing God’s beautiful creations before Katie decided it was time to go. Not wanting to lose the moment, I grabbed a picture from my bag and gave it to Katie. It had a note on the back which gave me just a few seconds to finally prepare, and as she finished reading, I held her hands, said a few words (we both don’t remember what I said!) and knelt down and asked for her hand in marriage. She said YES! and the party was on!!

Thanks for taking the time to read about our special day! Join us next time as we discuss our challenge and our first weigh in..


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