Humble Beginnings

Our weight loss story begins on December 15th, 2018. That’s when we decided to have our first picture shoot and weigh in (please excuse our green/white patches on the wall; we didn’t complete our paint job). It wasn’t until after that we thought to create a blog to hold ourselves accountable.

These pictures and the weigh ins were extremely humbling. I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say that these pictures are our motivation to pull up our bootstraps and get to work on our health. However, life never works out quite the way we want it to.

Like I said, the date we took these pictures and weighed in was December 15th. Our engagement, multiple Christmas parties, Christmas and New Years celebrations all followed. When making lifestyle changes, the hardest time to make this kind of change is during the season of endless sweets and copious amounts of alcohol being consumed. Needless to say, our weight loss journey didn’t truly begin here.

However, not all was lost during the Christmas season. Katie joined my weight lifting regimen and we’ve built a healthy habit of lifting together 4 days a week. We’ve both seen strength increases (along with a body weight increase for myself…) over the past month and that is a motivator to keep up the good work together in the weight room.

What we are looking to improve this month:

  • Eating habits – We’ve started food prepping well, but we still have a hard time saying “No” when unhealthy food is prepared for us.
  • Cardio – As I noted above, our weightlifting has improved! But, as has always been my weakness, our cardio is non existent. It is time to add a few steps or a game or two of racquetball to the end of our workouts.

We have 172 days until we tie the knot. Continue to follow to see how our journey unfolds. If you have a minute, leave a comment. We’d love to hear your encouraging thoughts! Thanks again for reading!


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