Stay the Course

As I’ve continued to work toward a healthy lifestyle (and the short-term goal of feeling confident on my wedding day), I am learning to celebrate little victories and not allowing setbacks to ruin my progress.

I weighed myself this morning and I was 178 pounds. I felt a bit defeated as I stared at the number and started thinking back on my last week and how it was possible for me not to lose weight. First of all, I had to remind myself that I am working hard in the gym and seeing improvements in my strength. Second, I allowed myself two cheat dinners and was a little bit too relaxed for my post-church meal on Sunday (going to our favorite mexican restaurant that has the best chips and salsa).

In the past, when my weight hasn’t been what I wanted it to, I usually give up or just let myself go for the day. Today though, I continued in my plan, reminding myself that my progress is NOT defined by the number on the scale, but by the way I feel. I feel more in control of my eating, I know I can have a cheat meal without it ruining my eating for the week, and I feel as though I am moving in the right direction. These are feelings I want to continue, and if I allow the number on the scale to define my progress, then I would be tempted to throw in the towel and I would be back to square one (or worse).

Instead, I have decided I will focus on the things I am doing well. I have been going to the gym consistently and have been challenging myself with the weights I am using. I am eating out less because I have healthy food prepared (well, my wonderful fiance has it prepared for me). I am also recognizing the moments where I am experiencing negative emotions that make me want to turn to food for comfort. As I recognize these feelings, I remind myself that eating crappy food isn’t going to make those emotions go away, but only make me feel worse, and I have been able to avoid emotionally eating because I’ve been more aware in these moments.

I will continue to work hard for the results I want and in time, I know I will see results! Thanks for reading!


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